Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Klamath Free School News

Three things:
(1) This week @ Klamath Free School;
(2) Permaculture Study Group update; and
(3) Decentralizing the Free School calendar.

(1) This week @ Klamath Free School

D-I-Y WEDNESDAY – July 4th – No class
Instead of a class, do some do-it-yourself independence and read the first part of the Declaration of Independence. The part before the list of complaints against the King lays out the basis of what it means to be America. (Relatedly, here is something I wrote last year on "Why Independence Day is my favorite holiday." - > http://transitionvoice.com/2011/07/why-independence-day-is-my-favorite-holiday/.)

The talk on Privatization has been postponed.

FILM SCHOOL NIGHT – July 7th – 8:30 p.m. - 249 East Main Street
Nanook of the North
This 1922 silent film was the first feature-length documentary. The film follows Nanook, an Inuit (eskimo) hunter, as he pursues life in the harsh conditions of northern Canada, in the Hudson Bay region. If you like people, you'll love this movie! 79 minutes.

(2) Permaculture Study Group update
The Permaculture Study Group decided to proceed by meeting every other week to discuss a new lecture in a college-level course on permaculture videotaped at North Carolina State University. The first lecture we will discuss (which runs an hour and twenty minutes) can be viewed here: http://mediasite.online.ncsu.edu/online/Viewer/?peid=a2e6edb63ab4478d831a0f8a026a2a641d .
We haven't decided on when and where to meet the week of July 8 through 14. If you're interested in watching the video and the joining us in a discussion, let me know and I will make sure you get the details on the next meeting.

(3) Decentralizing the Free School calendar.
Recruiting class leaders, arranging places and times, and drafting the printed calendar is too much for one or two people to keep up on a continuing basis. Unless people want to take up these tasks (either once or on a continuing basis), I propose we move to a more sustainable model in which people who want or are persuaded to teach something decide on the place and time and we post it on the website and send around emails and those of you on Facebook could post things there (please). I plan to keep the 'Thinking Things Through' series going most Thursday nights at Green Way. CeCe is planning on a regular meditation and spiritual support group meeting at her house. Alicia has mentioned doing group walks or personal fitness training at Moore Park. Alicia and Jim have expressed interest in keeping a movie night going in potluck form at people's homes. And Ed has suggested a playwriting support group and possibly an improv/standup night. I also hope to schedule some how-to/do-it-yourself types classes I have already talked to people about, as well as recruit people to do more in the coming months, so if you have some skills or knowledge to share, let me know! So (if we proceed with this model) we will still have lots going on, but it won't be planned too far in advance, there won't be a printed schedule.

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